Week 5 & 6: Rapid Miner

In addition to DALMOOC, I am currently enrolled in two more MOOCs here at Edx, Solving Complex Problems, and Delft Design Approach. This latter course is very interesting. It’s the first design methodology course I’ve taken as a MOOC and one of the few MOOCs I’ve yet found on design. And, so far, I haven’t the time to complete one assignment in this course.

While I was taking notes on Ryan Baker’s Prediction Modeling instruction, my Solving Complex Problems course became very important to me. The objective of the course is the analysis of complex problems in order to help stakeholders make decisions. As I described in my Week 7 Reflections, a personal interest of mine is employment precarity and while I expected to practice using Rapid Miner for prediction, I instead found myself struggling though some difficult assignments in this other course. I created a separate site just for these projects. (Take a look, I did a lot of work in two weeks).

Then, somewhere at the end of week six I realized many of the subjects Ryan was teaching are also important to my interests in text mining. You can read my frantic post, “Playing catch up–where are the step-by-step instructions!?!” and my post on “Rapid Miner Terminology” as demonstration I was paying attention even if I have little to show for it here on this site.