Book House Project

Let me take a minute to tell you about the Book House Project. Its a group started at my local public library. (Think non-fiction book club, meets TEDx Event, and Toastmasters.)


Today the most successful new web sites are organizing our experiences on the web; helping us make hard choices navigating our curiosity. The successful sites are helping us organize our social experiences. Helping us do meaningful things with our time and our money, while finding new ways to generate revenue and serve public good.

The lingua franca on these sites, what’s underlying their activities and uniting these examples, is simply the projects we make and share together. These projects can be anything:

  • for our professional development
  • for our communities
  • for our own education

We undertake projects, because its impossible to accelerate from interest and curiosity to accomplishment without passing through the intermediary steps of recognizing our curiosity, developing our understanding and integrating our existing knowledge in disciplined ways.

The Book House Project explores the united activities of research from the development of ideas, through the development of rational and emotional arguments, and finally learning how we can work to spread great ideas.

Our mission

Provide a supportive and positive learning experience for individuals who wish to develop their curiosities into research, research into knowledge, resulting in personal growth and greater capacity to participate meaningfully in our community

The basic rules [1]:

  • no personal attacks
  • keep an open mind
  • understand that everyone has a different context, and what works for you might not work for anyone else.

What we do

Once a month a topic is selected for brief presentations (not more than 10 minutes). Time is set aside for individuals who wish to present to the group. At the basic level the Book House Project is a social group of like minded readers who have interest to spend time with others who share a love of knowledge. Its only just begun, and we’re excited to see where this idea leads.


[1]: From the thoughtful mind of entrepreneur Ben Werdmuller’s September 2014 blog post, “Don’t keep your opinions to yourself”.

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