Week 2: Assignment Bank #37 : Data cycle

Learning Analytics Data Cycle

The data cycle and the analytics model are two views of the same territory. The data cycle is a four part process of data, collections, questions, impacted communities. The analytics cycle is a seven step walk through that territory.

At first I was confused. Why the separation? I believe there is a pattern here of complements. In fact, I might be inclined to name the data cycle the analytic cycle and vice-versa, because making the connection between available data and the concerned parties is not simply about data. Its also an investigation, an inquiry. While the second cycle, dealing with securing data, protecting data, preparing data to be interactive, is, well, about the data itself.

What I find the most informative about this two part presentation is the separation of Questions in the Data cycle from Visualization in the Analytics cycle. And of course, these two steps together describe the design process. Together they form a unity of identification, investigation and presentation. Its this process of building conceptual relations and communicating these effectively which encompasses both the activity of design and data science.

When you reach that step in the data loop, “Representation & Visualization”, just remember to go back to that step in the Data Cycle, and look for the Questions we need to answer.

Diagram. Data Cycle & Analytic Cycles Combined. (Google Docs)